About Me

Hi! I'm Noah Rusnock (like the name 'Russ' and the verb 'knock').

I have been a graphic designer and web designer for 20 years, but I prefer programming and photography. I love helping people regain sanity by making easy-to-use tools and applications to organize their stuff. When I'm not writing code or aligning text on a page, I'm racking up achievements in video games... or listening to electronica... or building/fixing computers...

Very early in life, I knew I wanted to go into web development, which would require both artistic and technical skills. I had a knack for design, but I knew it would be the harder skill to hone, so I went to a design school for my formal education and decided to learn code (HTML, PHP, MySQL, Javascript) on my own.

Currently, I am venturing into 3D printing, in both making and modeling. I hope to eventually have some stuff on my website to show.

I am a tech geek that works out of my basement... cliché, I know XD